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Steve (Skinner's) poem of the week is...'I wish I was a Seagull'! You can read the poem by clicking on this link...

...and now it's time for Skinner & T'witch's regular feature...(Steve) Skinner's Poem of the Week...

I wish I was a seagull

I wish I was a seagull, gliding round about,

but isn’t it confusing, when the tide is going out?

Then, since the silent moon drags the waters twice a day,

maybe I’d accept it, in a sort of sea bird way?

Wish I was a snail, carrying my home;

travelling so slowly, everywhere I roam.

Lots of rocks to hide in, and moss for me to munch,

as long as you don’t step on me and make a nasty crunch.

Wish I was a cow, with lots of grass to chew.

Really is quite handy, 'cos for stomachs, I’ve got two.

Trouble is, with hooves, I often have to moan,

it really is a challenge to pick up the mobile phone.

Wish I could fly about at night, just like a furry bat,

beaming high pitched signals to my friends, to have a chat.

Trouble is, with bats, they don’t look very nice,

and the diet is appalling, mostly earwigs, moths and lice.

So maybe I’ll stay human, even though I cannot fly.

I can use the phone and, in a plane, can reach the sky.

Least I have a house, and one stomach’s fine for me.

Least I don’t eat moss, but have burgers for my tea.

Copyright Steve Skinner 2018