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(Steve) Skinner's poem of the week is...The Caribou and The Angels..! You can read the poem via this link...

...and now it's time for Skinner & T'witch's regular feature...(Steve) Skinner's Poem of the Week...

The Caribou and The Angels

The arctic caribou just don’t have much to do,

feeding on lichen in the long winter’s night,

lost in dreams ‘neath the northern lights,

with angels in their eyes.

The hungry polar bear is hardly ever there,

wandering homeless ‘neath the lonely, crisp moon.

'Will the ice pack come back soon?',

he asks the broken skies.

The skilful Eskimo stay warm inside the snow,

drying their undies on their blubber lamp racks,

munching on mangtak and walrus snacks,

but nights seem old and long.

Down in the ocean’s deep, the whales never sleep,

ancient sea-mothers hiding under the storm,

rising for breath at early dawn,

and chant a timeless song.

The caribou drift again across the tundra plain,

sharing their legends ‘neath the patterns so bright,

lost in dreams of grass and light,

then the angels came.

Copyright Steve Skinner 2018