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(Steve) Skinner's poem of the week is...'My Lost Socks'! You can read the poem via this link...

...and now it's time for Skinner & T'witch's regular feature...(Steve) Skinner's Poem of the Week...

My Lost Socks

Somewhere there's a shoreline, where socks and biros lay

beside my favourite handkerchief and keys that went astray.

For years they wait there patiently, hoping one day soon

I'll sail by and claim them on some sunny afternoon.

All my mislaid underwear, my thermals and my vest,

are hung along some cliff-tops between the seagulls' nests.

That pair of pink pyjamas I haven't seen since June,

have made a skyward journey and are wrapped around the moon.

My favourite woollen trousers, that handbag of Mama's,

are flying round the planets and cascading through the stars.

Some black holes in the cosmos, where time and space collide,

are sucking up lost property and drawing all inside...

(this poem is going mad – get back to the main theme! Eds.)

...except for my old socks, I'm sure they're near at hand,

just waiting 'neath the palm trees, washed up upon the sand.

Yes, all my socks are gathered on that island shore somewhere,

and until I make a rescue, my feet will just stay bare.

Copyright Steve Skinner 2018