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Steve Skinner's poem of the week is...'No Man is an Island'! You can read the poem by clicking on this link...

...and now it's time for Skinner & T'witch's regular feature...(Steve) Skinner's Poem of the Week...

No man is an island
No man is an island – what a brilliant line!
But let me tell all about this family of mine.
No man is an island, but my brother was a hill.
He said he quite enjoyed it, 'cept for too much rain and chill.
My aunt became a river, with an ever-changing course.
When my uncle found out he sued her for divorce.
I suppose it must be tricky when the local vicar calls,
to say, 'this is my wife, she has fifteen waterfalls!’
My son became an ocean, restless, blue and cool.
It would have been quite pleasant but he didn’t fit at school.
He was no good at football, just swamped the playing grounds,
and being so gigantic he was always out of bounds.
My daughter took to water – must be a family theme.
She became a dark and lively alpine mountain stream.
I visited her quite often until, just as I feared,
one dry and rainless summer she completely disappeared.
My gardener was a plateau, stretching out so flat.
He said he quite enjoyed it, but he missed his favourite cat.
My friend became a mountain, the milkman’s now a tree.
Everyone I know is now becoming scenery.
So, I felt I ought to join my son and daughter,
and change the locked destiny of birth,
and now I’m very proud, to dress with stars and cloud,
for I became this shining Planet Earth.

Steve Skinner Copyright 2018