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Skinner & T'witch had a fantastic time on Gayle Lofthouse's afternoon show on BBC Radio Leeds, talking about their Pick n' Mix Acoustic Roots WSO Charity Festival at The Grove Inn, Leeds, from 1-11pm on October 7th!

Skinner & T'witch had an excellent time on Gayle Lofthouse's marvellous BBC Radio Leeds afternoon show (3-6pm) this afternoon (Tuesday, September 26t):

Skinner & T'witch talked to Gayle about their up-coming Pick n' Mix WSO Acoustic Roots Charity Festival at The Grove Inn, Back Row Leeds LS11 5PL, on Saturday, October 7th, from 1-11pm, in aid of Leeds Food Banks. Come on down! You don't have to stay all day. Pay as you feel. Donations welcome.

Timings for the event are, as follows:

1.15pm - Rum Doodle:

1.50pm - Heather Woodhead:

2.25pm - Gerry Cooper & Phil Snell:

3.00pm - Skinner & Twitch:

3.20pm - Joe Solo:

3.55pm - Rebekah Findlay and Lee Huck:

4.30pm - Fishing For Compliments:

5.05pm - Red Sky:

5.40pm - Mestisa:

6.15pm - Break

6.30pm - Boo Sutcliffe:

7.05pm - Karin Grandal-Park & Karl Robins:

7.40pm - The Small Change Diaries:

8.15pm - Skinner & T'witch:

8.35pm - Den Miller:

9.10pm - Wilson McGladdery:

9.45 - The Jon Palmer Band:

10.20pm - Captain of The Lost Waves:

Please note: All timings are approximate.