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Skinner & T’witch had a superb time playing at Broadstairs Folk Week; recording a live session for Neil Vessey’s The Folk Pilot on Deal Radio; and playing live on Doug Welch’s BBC Radio Kent Folk Show! Listen again to Doug’s show via this link...

Skinner & T'witch had a superb time playing another live session on Doug Welch's excellent BBC Radio Kent Folk Show this week (Sundays from 9-10pm), in advance of playing at Broadstairs Folk Week. You can listen again to Doug’s show via this link:

Skinner & T’witch played their ‘Queen of the Ocean’, ‘Blackwaterside’, ‘What We Need’s Another Royal Baby’, and ‘Back to the Bills’ live on the show.

Skinner & T'witch then played at Broadstairs Folk Week (on Wednesday, August 14th and Thursday, August 15th):

Skinner & T’witch could be found, as follows:

Wednesday, August 14th - 10-11am - The Old Curiosity Shop - Breakfast with Skinner & T’witch

12.30-2.30pm - The Neptune pub - Guests at the singaround

6.30-8pm - The Bandstand

Thursday, August 15th - 12.30pm-13.30pm The Sailing Club - Acoustic Hour with Skinner & T’witch

Skinner & T’witch had a wonderful time at Broadstairs and really can’t wait to return in future.

Skinner & T’witch also recorded a live session on Neil Vessey’s The Folk Pilot this week (Friday, August 16th), at Deal Radio, after having played at Broadstairs Folk Week.

Skinner & T’witch recorded their songs: ‘The Fool’s Journey’, ‘Nelson’s Brew’, ‘Queen of the Ocean’, ‘Blackwaterside’, ‘Everybody’s Grotty’, ‘Back to the Bills’, ‘What We Need’s Another Baby’, and ‘The Bute Lullaby’. The live session will be included on a future The Folk Pilot programme/s.

The Folk Pilot goes out on Thursdays from 7pm UK on Deal Radio: or via