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Skinner & T'witch would like to thank again the 111+ folk/acoustic/roots radio show presenters who have, so far, played songs from their recently released album, ‘Everybody’s Grotty’, on 118+ radio stations, internationally!

Skinner & T'witch would like to thank again the 111+ folk/acoustic/roots radio show presenters who have, so far, played songs from their recently released comical/satirical album, ‘Everybody’s Grotty’, on 118+ radio stations, internationally!

Iain Anderson (BBC Radio Scotland);

Doug Welch (Kent Folk, BBC Radio Kent);

Tony Fisher (BBC Radio Essex);

Stephen Foster (BBC Radio Suffolk);

Andrew Edwards (BBC Radio Leeds);

Gayle Lofthouse (BBC Radio Leeds);

Bob Sherman (Woody’s Children, WFUV);

Dave Chamberlain (Acoustic Routes, Dapper FM and Blues and Roots Radio);

Mike Davies (Alternative Roots, Brum FM)

Daz in the Hat (Hat Tracks, Mixcloud);

Ros Barclay (Makin It On My Own, CamGlen Radio;

Ian Oliphant (Lunchtime Selection, Celtic Music Radio);

Colin MacDonald (An Radio, Dunoon Community Radio, Two Lochs Radio, Crystal FM, HBS Glasgow, and Blues and Roots Radio);

James Fagan and Sam Hindley (Thank Goodness It’s Folk, Sheffield Live);

Ken Nagelberg (It’s For Folks, WHYR, Baton Rouge Community Radio);

Richard Harris (Folk and Blues Show, Somer Valley FM);

Ian Tiso (Folk at the Mill, Windmill Radio);

Hugh Taylor (Folk n Stuff, Alive FM);

Michael Crichton (Mostly Folk, Fun and Friends and Country Music Radio Show, 3WBC);

Russell Auty (Bands in and around Milton Keynes, Radio MK);

Bill Horncastle (The Fox’s Den, Vixen 101);

Trevor Oxborrow (Folk at Five, Argyll FM);

Jane Clayton (West Norfolk Radio);

Waxies Dargle (UMFM);

Stevie Connor (Blues and Roots Radio);

Mark Eyton-Williams (Onkel Willies Cafe, Taunus-Blitz);

Keith Robinson (Sunday Collection, Ridge Radio);

Peter Aston (Forest Folk, Forest FM);

Artie Martello (The Catskills Cafe, WIOX; Mostly Folk podcast, syndicated from France via Radio Satellite 2; and Power Folk, Blues and Roots Radio);

Kevin O’ Flaherty (The Folk Show with Kevin O, Radio Winchcombe);

Angel (Indies Rock, Belter Radio);

Russ Evans (The Russ Evans Music Show);

Susie Gee (Folk for Folk’s Sake);

Jezza (Belter Radio);

Les Ray (Strummers and Dreamers, Cambridge 105 FM);

Pete Robinson and Dave Mather (Salford Folk, Salford Community Radio);

James Blatchey (Folk Show, Chorley FM);

Fiona Elcoat (Big Boots and Celtic Roots, Lionheart Radio);

Chris Virtue (Virtual Unreality, 2RRR);

Michelle Dalgety (Yorkshire Music Collective, BCB Radio);

David Dee Moore (Acoustic Yard, Blues and Roots Radio);

Michael Kennedy and Flipsy McCaw (Drive-time Show, Radio Tircoed);

Chris Arscott (Folk and Acoustic Show, Dean Radio);

Graham Barnes (Folkstock Folk Hour, Belter Radio);

Glenys Rudd (Glenys the Menace);

Alan Ritson (Fine Folk, Lincoln City Radio, and Siren Folk, Siren FM);

Gary Hazlehurst (Folk Show, Nova FM);

Tony Haynes (FAB Folk & Blues and Midweek Midnight Mayhem, Tempo FM);

Clive Southerton (Soft Rock and Acoustic Session, Dean Radio);

Jim Welsh (Music Routes, Radio Summerhall);

Brian Player (Acoustic Cafe, Wey Valley Radio and Blues and Roots Radio);

Trevor Krueger (Folk Show);

Neil Vessey (The Folk Pilot, Deal Radio);

Tim Moon (Folk Show, Coast and County Radio) and BCB Radio);

Joe Pszonek (Radio Nowhere, Eclectic Train Wreck and Finnegan’s Wake, WNTI and Blues and Roots Radio);

Liz Franklin (Eden Folk, Eden FM, and Folk Garden, Blues and Roots Radio);

Philip Webster (Forest Focus, Forest FM);

John Collings (Drive-time Show, Celtic Music Radio);

Phil Widdows (Folkcast);

Danny Matheson (It’s All About Folk, Celtic Music Radio);

Dave Hardy (Positively Charged radio station);

Ian Leak (Different Sounds, Frome FM);

Clint Evans (Clint Iguana, Peppermint Iguana, Dapper FM);

Ian Freedman (The Readifolk Radio Show, Blues and Roots Radio and Blast1386 FM);

Jan Van Eck (Album Insight and BluesnRoots Corner, Radio Duivenstraat and Kansas City Radio Online),

Steve Luff (Thursdays Jukebox, Black Cat FM);

Ralph McGillivray (Ralph on the radio, Crystal FM)

Menachem Vee (WorldWaves, Radio Upper Galilee);

Ian McKenzie (Wednesday’s Even Worse, Blues and Roots Radio);

Will Smith (Riviera FM);

David Bond (Folk, Roots and Branches, 10Radio);

Larry Hoyt (Common Threads, WAER-FM);

Bruce Cameron (Come All Ye, 2MCE);

Sean Brophy (Midweek Music Miscellany, Dublin City Radio);

Alan Hossack (Jock’s Celtic Calamity, Blues and Roots Radio);

Deborah Millstein and Doc G (Crystal Cavern, Hamilton Radio);

Jon Chip Colcord (Out of the Woods, syndicated on 24 US/UK radio stations);

Mitch and Robyn Park (Sunday Folk, Radio Kidnappers);

Christian Frank and Paul Miller (The Lemon Circus);

Antony Silson (Drystone Radio);

Ali O'Brien and Bernard Cromarty (Sounds of Folk, Oldham Community Radio);

Celtic Radio, including Highlander Radio;

Andy Hood (Friday Morning Mix, Celtic Music Radio);

Roger Pettit (Roots and Shoots, Radio Felixstowe);

Dinah Mellin (The Fiddle and the Harp, WOMR);

Arthur and Andrea Berman (CITR);

Joe Solo (The Joe Solo Show, Coast and County Radio);

Roger Williams (A World of Difference, Blues and Roots Radio);

Dan James (Folk Show Live, BRfm);

Juergen Kramer (Eine Kleine Weltmusik, Radio Zusa);

Len Holten (From Albion and Beyond, KUAR);

Huub Bammen (Radio Duivenstraat);

Chris Tucker (Coastal Sound);

Robb Powell (Indies & Allsorts, NNBC, and Band of Badgers Presents, Radio KC);

Andy & Jane Presland (Monday Mix, Switch Dunmow Radio);

Dave Williams and Steve Parkhouse (The Jelli Records Music Show, BSR, Somer Valley Radio, The Wire, and Longside Radio);

Joe Tracey (Joe T Shuffle);

Dale Swift (Bring Me Sunshine, Mercury Radio and Rainbow Sound);

John Sillberg (Serendipity, CKOL); and

Ben Hudson (Folk Show, Hive FM).

Our apologies if we’ve missed anyone!

Everybody’s Grotty’ is available to order/download via and via the Skinner & T’witch website:

'The one and only Skinner & T'witch...a pair of comic geniuses'. David Chamberlain, Acoustic Routes, Dapper FM/Blues and Roots Radio

‘This is a highly amusing and entertaining CD. Variously comic, satirical or observational, the 11 tracks are well sung with great timing, diction and clarity. Each has a distinctive, strong voice...Skinner & T’witch have been described as “a pair of comic geniuses” and I would not disagree - they are unique: there is nobody to compare them with. The arrangements...are all brilliantly executed...Unlike many self-published CDs these days, this is a well-engineered, well-balanced and well-mastered offering. I would recommend this CD to everybody who wants to be entertained, especially with humorous and incisive observations on the trials and peculiarities of modern life!’ Tom Brown, The Living Tradition

Skinner & T'witch...'are world experts at writing comedy songs'. Brian Player, Acoustic Cafe, Wey Valley Radio and Blues and Roots Radio

'A gem of a release'. Stevie Connor, Blues and Roots Radio

'It's a fantastic album, and I love it!' Tony Haynes, FAB Folk & Blues and Midweek Midnight Mayhem, Tempo FM

‘A cracking new album...I haven’t just listened to it once a day this week, I’ve listened to it twice. Entertainment throughout’. Neil Vessey, The Folk Pilot, Deal Radio

‘Recreates the magic of a night at the music hall - Skinner and T’witch have given me a good chuckle with this album. T’witch’s vocals are particularly good.’ James Fagan, Thank Goodness It’s Folk, Sheffield Live

'Very funny, very clever songs'. Larry Hoyt, Common Threads, WAER-FM (88.3 Syracuse)

‘Their latest cracker of satire, comedy, and incisive observation...very enjoyable’. Len Holton, From Albion and Beyond, KUAR

'Everyone's Grotty is an album full of humorous & satirical songs about the celebrity lifestyle, the banking crisis, undertakers & fast food.. plus lots more. Every track cleverly written and sung as only Skinner & T'witch can...The hardest job for me is choosing which songs to play on this month’s shows!!' Daz in the Hat, The Afternoon Stretch, and Hat Tracks, Mixcloud

‘Absolutely wonderful...They're always tongue in cheek, but with a of my favourites.’ Jock Hossack, Jock’s Celtic Calamity, Blues and Roots Radio

‘Everybody’s album full of hilarious songs’. Steve Yarwood, The Invisible Folk Club

‘There’s something for everyone in Skinner & T’witch’s new album...we love to support their music’. Russell Hill, Country Music Show, Express FM

'It's a tongue in cheek album. It puts a smile on your face'. Steve Luff, Thursdays Jukebox Black Cat Radio

'An album that takes a pleasingly playful poke at politics, pomposity and personal peccadillos.' Mike Davies, Fatea Magazine.