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Steve Skinner's poem of the week is...The Miserable Ghost! Click on this link to read the poem...

...and now it's time for Skinner & T'witch's regular feature...(Steve) Skinner's Poem of the Week...

The Miserable Ghost

I’m fed up haunting castles and wandering round half dead,

groaning down in dungeons I absolutely dread.

Parading through damp graveyards and giving awful frights

is far too energetic, on these dark and chilly nights.

I’m trapped and bored forever in my spooky, dull career.

Just an apparition that is meant to disappear.

I feel so excluded when I’m rattling chains nearby,

and never get invited into houses, warm and dry.

It’s all so repetitious, with such anti-social hours,

hanging round on tombstones or on rickety, old towers.

Once I got invited on a very special date,

but had to wait for sunrise so turned up ten hours late.

'Come on back to my place for a coffee and a chat',

but a cemetery at dawn is not exactly where it’s at.

I’m the phantom with the tantrum, I’m fed up with my role.

Can’t I have a body, not a see-through, psychic soul?

Sometimes it’s quite fun, walking through a wall,

but when it comes to dinner I can’t swallow much at all!

I’m starving and I’m fed up, a most unhappy ghost.

Oh, what I’d give to eat a plate of scrambled eggs on toast.

So please support us spirits with our national campaign,

to get us super-naturals to be flesh and bone again.

Steve Skinner Copyright 2018