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The Wee Folk Club in Edinburgh
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Made In Leeds TV’s ‘The Book-It List’
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Saddleworth Folk Weekend - Acoustic Eclectic
Past Performances


March 2020

March 2nd - Interview with LeedsTV about the forthcoming Australian Bushfire Benefit Events

March 7th - Australian Bushfires Fundraiser, The Merchant Bar, Bradford 3-11pm

February 2020

February 2nd - Little Rock Folk Club, Little Rock, AR, USA

February 21st - Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield

January 2020

January 12th - Brick Hill House Concert, Orleans, MA, USA

January 13th - Live Session on Dinah Mellin’s The Fiddle & The Harp, WOMR, Provincetown, MA, USA

January 16th - Live Session on Nick Noble’s The Folk Revival, WICN, Worcester, MA, USA

January 18th - Live Session for Joe Pszonek’s Electric Train-wreck, WNTI, Centenary, NJ, USA

January 18th - The Peoples’ Voice Cafe, New York City, NY, USA

January 21st - House Concert, New Orleans, LA, USA

January 22nd - 25th - Folk Alliance International Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA

January 22nd - Recording Live Session for Taylor Caffery's Hootenanny Power, WRKF Public Radio Baton Rouge, LA, USA (recorded at the Folk Alliance International Conference, NOLA, USA

January 26th - Recording Live Session for Ken Nagelberg's It's For Folks, WHYR 96.9 FM Baton Rouge Community Radio, LA, USA

January 29th - Live Session on Bruce Newman’s Folk Song Fiesta, WEVL, Memphis, TN, USA


December 2019

December 3rd - ‘The Bells of Christmas’ EP Launch, Leeds

December 7th - Big Acoustic Night Out, Middlesborough (with Wilson McGladdery)

December 17th - Garage Recordings (video), Wakefield

December 18th - Live session on Big Uncle Tony Haynes’ FAB Folk and Blues online Christmas party, Tempo FM

November 2019

November 1st - 4th - Maldon Folk Festival, VIC, Australia

November 30th - Joe Solo’s 50th Birthday WSO fundraiser, Ashton-under-Lyne

October 2019

Oct 18th - 20th - Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival, VIC, Australia

Oct 25th - Humph Hall, Sydney, NSW, Australia

October 26th - The Troubadour, Woy Woy, NSW, Australia

October 27th - Tradewinds Folk, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Oct 30th - Live Session on Michael Crichton’s Mostly Folk, Fun & Friends, 3WBC, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

September 2019

September 7th - Wigan Diggers Festival

September 9th - Waltham Abbey Folk Club

September 10th - Live Session on Brian Player’s Acoustic Cafe Radio Show

September 11th - The Carpenter’s Arms, Miserden

August 2019

August 11th - Live Session on Doug Welch’s Kent Folk Show on BBC Radio Kent

August 13th/14th - Broadstairs Folk Week

August 16th - Live session for Neil Vessey’s The Folk Pilot, Deal Radio

August 24th - Live interview on Jim Marino’s Freewheelin’ Folk Show, CFMU

July 2019

July 14th - Folk on the Farm, Anglesey

July 25th - Live session for Les Ray’s Strummers and Dreamers, Cambridge 105 FM

July 26th - Royston Folk Club

July 29th - Live session on the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Folk Show, with Sue Marchant and Nicky Stockman

June 2019

June 2nd: Live session on Genevieve Tudor’s Sunday Folk Show, BBC Radio Shropshire, with Wilson McGladdery

June 7th - Robin Hood’s Bay Folk Weekend - The Cafe Dash (fundraising for the RNLI)

June 26th - International Community Development Conference, Dundee

May 2019

May 19th: The Sparrow Bier Cafe, Bradford - Big Acoustic Afternoon Out (with Wilson McGladdery)

May 22nd: Live session on Lizzie Jenkins The Northern Side, BCB Radio

May 24th: Thetford Folk Club

May 27th: Live session on The Folk Show with Kevin O, 7-8pm UK, Radio Winchcombe

May 28th: The Wurzel Bush Folk Club, Rugby

May 29th: Live session on Greg Russell’s New Traditions, BBC Radio Sheffield

May 31st: Video shoot with Red Lime Videography and RRS Music at Slung Low Theatre, Leeds

April 2019

April 20th: Skinner & T’witch’s 16th Pick n’ Mix, with Cobalt Tales, Fishing For Compliments, and Rising Ashes - The Grove Inn, Leeds

April 23rd: Quarter Acoustic Music Club

April 24th: Nova Scotia Folk Club, Glasgow

March 2019

March 5th: Live on the Folky Phone to Brian Player on his Acoustic Cafe radio show on Wey Valley Radio, along with Vicki Swan & Johnny Dyer, and Corrie Shelley

March 15th: Robin Hood'S Bay Folk Club (BayFolk)

March 28th: Video shoot with Red Lime Videography on location in Whitby, Sandsend and Robin Hood’s Bay

February 2019

February 16th: Big Acoustic Night Out - The Oddfellows, Denshaw, Oldham - with Wilson McGladdery

February 24th: Sweet Afton Water Acoustic (SAWA), New Cumnock

February 26th: Leith Folk Club, Edinburgh

February 27th: Live Session on Danny Matheson's It's All About Folk, Celtic Music Radio, Glasgow


December 2018

December 19th: Whitby Wassail, part of the Great North Christmas Festival

December 26th: Live guests on Big Uncle Tony Haynes' FAB Folk & Blues on-air Boxing Day party

November 2018

November 2nd: Live session on Stephen Foster’s afternoon show on BBC Radio Suffolk

November 2nd: Waveney Folk Club, Lowestoft

November 17th: Big Acoustic Night Out with Wilson McGladdery at Stockport Labour Club

October 2018

October 3rd: Video recording/photoshoot with the Yorkshire Evening Post

October 5th: Interview/video recording with Leeds TV

October 6th: Skinner & T’witch’s 15th Pick n’ Mix WSO Charity Acoustic Roots Festival, The Grove Inn, Leeds

October 15th: Live session on Rebekah Findlay and Lee Huck's Bishop FM Folk Show

October 26th: Skinner & T’witch and Wilson McGladdery’s Big Acoustic Night Out, Square Chapel Arts, Halifax

September 2018

September 8th: Big Acoustic Night Out, Goathland Hut, with Wilson McGladdery

September 17th: Interview with Brian Player for his 'My Choice' show on Wey Valley Radio

September 21st: Interview with Andrew Edwards, BBC Radio Leeds

Sept 27th: Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT)

August 2018

August 11th: Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Folk at the Oak, The Wee Folk Club, The Royal Oak

August 12th: Live interview on Ros Barclay's Makin It On My Own, CamGlen Radio

August 15th: Live Session on Ian Oliphant's Lunchtime Selection Show on Celtic Music Radio

August 15th: Nova Scotia Folk Club, The Fort Theatre Bishopbriggs, Glasgow

August 16th: Recording/Live Session for Hugh Taylor's Folk n Stuff, Alive FM, Moniaive

August 18th: Otley Labour Room, with Dr Crow and The Forbidden Zone and Pen and Stu

August 21st: Live Session on James Blatchley's Chorley FM Folk Show

August 25th: Recording in Leeds for Chris Arscott's Folk and Acoustic Music Show, Dean Radio

August 31st: 'Everybody's Grotty' Album Launch at The Grove Inn, Leeds, with support from Den Miller

July 2018

July 14th: Skinner & T'witch's 14th Pick n' Mix Showcase at The Grove Inn, Leeds, presenting Wilson McGladdery, Fishing For Compliments, and Skinner & T'witch

July 16th: Live Session on Tony Fisher's Afternoon Show on BBC Radio Essex

July 17th: Live Session on Brian Player's Acoustic Cafe on Wey Valley Radio

July 18th: Epping Music Club

July 26th: Cabaret Doonican, Barnsley, with The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican, Pocketful O'Nowt and Taxi For Bob

June 2018

June 1st: Ulverston Live Music

June 8th: Interview on Tony Wyn Jones Drive-time Show, Mon F

June 8th: Rhosneigr Live Music Festival, Isle of Anglesey

June 24th: The Beardy Folk Festival

June 24th: Interview with Susie Gee at The Beardy Folk Festival for Folk For Folks' Sake

May 2018

May 3rd: Live session for Dave Mather and Pete Robinson's Salford Folk Show on Salford City Radio

May 13th: Live Session for Doug Welch's BBC Radio Kent Folk Show

May 14th: Colindale Folk Club, London

May 23rd: Skinner & T'witch hosted Sadie and Jay on Big Uncle Tony Haynes' FAB Folk & Blues on Tempo FM

April 2018

April 1st: Festival Fundraiser, Hope

April 21st: Skinner & T'witch's 13th Pick n' Mix Showcase, Leeds, presenting Katie Spencer, Mestisa, Martin Rose, and Skinner & T'witch

March 2018

March 7th: Live session for Big Uncle Tony Haynes' FAB Folk & Blues, Tempo FM

March 10th: Live session for Alan Ritson's Fine Folk, Lincoln City Radio, and Siren Folk, Siren FM

March 25th: Live session for Gary Hazlehurst's Nova FM Folk Show

February 2018

February 6th: Live session for Ali O'Brien and Bernard Cromarty's Sounds of Folk on Oldham Community Radio

January 2018

January 20th: Skinner & T'witch's 12th Pick n' Mix Showcase at The Grove, Leeds


December 2017

December 3rd: The Great British Folk Festival, Skegness

December 10th: Folk, Roots, Acoustic Chapel Allerton (FRACA), Leeds (Steve Skinner solo set)

December 20th: Live interview with The Sandyford Shedders, Dublin South FM

October 2017

October 7th: Skinner & T'witch's Pick n' Mix WSO Acoustic Roots Charity Festival, The Grove Inn, Leeds

October 21st: Cottingham Springboard Monthly Sessions, Hull

September 2017

September 4th: Live on Richard Stead's morning show, BBC Radio Leeds

September 15th: Watford Folk Club

September 17th: Live session for David Bond's Folk, Roots & Branches on 10Radio (to be aired 5th October)

September 21st: Live session for Ian Liversidge's Thursday Live, Glastonbury FM

September 22nd: Flying Folk, at Ilminster Arts Centre

September 26th: Live on Gayle Lofthouse's afternoon show on BBC Radio Leeds

August 2017

August 5th: The Wee Folk Club, Edinburgh, as part of the Fringe Festival Folk @ the Oak

August 9th: Dunfermline Folk Club

August 28th: Folk Festival on the Dock, Liverpool

August 31st: Live session for Peculiar Blue's Parlour Sessions on Box Radio Live

July 2017

July 15th: Skinner & T'witch's 10th Pick n' Mix Showcase, The Grove Inn, Leeds, with Henry Parker, Peculiar Blue and Captain of the Lost Waves

June 2017

June 2nd: The Acoustic Festival of Britain

June 3rd: Live session for Mike Brill, Radio Caroline

June 12th: Live interview for Dinah Mellin, The Fiddle & The Harp, WOMR FM, Cape Cod

June 16th: Headingley Music Festival, New Headingley Club

June 22nd: 38 Degrees Live in Leeds, Left Bank, Leed

May 2017

May 13th: The Peoples' Voice Cafe, New York City

May 14th: Live session for 'Joltin' Joe Pszonek's Radio Nowhere, Sparta, New Jersey

May 15th: Live session for Artie Martello's Power Folk, Blues and Roots Radio, the Catskill Mountains, upstate New York

May 18th: Live session for Nick Noble's Folk Revival show on WICN, Worcester, Massachusetts

May 19th: Live session for Jon 'Chip' Colcord's Out of the Woods in Concord, New Hampshire

May 19th: Sunapee Community Coffee House, Sunapee, New Hampshire

May 27th: Live session for Andy Fea, with Max Roberts (Folk Hour) on Beverley Live on Beverley FM

April 2017

April 8th: Live streaming on Facebook of songs from 'The Fool's Journey' album

April 10th: Live session for Tony Haynes FAB Folk & Blues on Vale Radio

April 14th: Hope Charity (Red Cross) Music and Beer Festival, Derbyshire

April 22nd: Skinner & T'witch's 9th Pick n' Mix showcase at The Grove Inn, Leeds, with Lewis Barfoot and The Small Change Diaries

April 23rd: Live interview on Antony Silson and Lynn Harrison's Anthony & Lynn's Sunday Tea on Drystone Radio

March 2017

March 4th: Live session for Fiona Elcoat (Big Boots & Celtic Roots, Lionheart Radio)

March 7th: Leith Folk Club, Edinburgh

March 8th: Live session for John Keenan, Bute Island Radio

March 13th: Transclyde Music, Rothesay, Isle of Bute

March 21st: Live session for James Blatchley, Chorley FM Folk Show

March 30th: Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield

February 2017

February 3rd: Live session for Bill Horncastle, The Fox's Den, Vixen 101

January 2017

January 2nd: Live session for Tony Haynes, FAB Folk and Blues, Vale Radio

January 21st: Skinner & T'witch's 8th Pick n' Mix, The Grove Inn, Leeds


December 2016

December 6th: BBC Radio Leeds Christmas Carol Concert, Leeds Minster

December 11th: Doug Welch's BBC Radio Kent Folk Show

December 27th: Live session for Liz Franklin, Eden Folk Show, Eden FM

November 2016

November 17th: Mos Eisley Cantina, Cloth Cat, The Chemic Tavern, Leeds

October 2016

October 2nd: The Dusty Miller Folk, Club, Huddersfield:

October 6th: Live session for Roger Pettit's Roots and Shoots, Felixstowe Radio

October 7th: Waveney Folk Club

October 13th: Ilkley Playhouse (Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe)

October 15th: Skinner & T'witch's 7th Pick n' Mix, The Grove Inn, Leeds

September 2016

September 9th-11th: Langdale Charity Folk Festival

September 30th New ROOTS Club, Headingley

August 2016

August 6th: The Wee Folk Club, Edinburgh

August 17th: Ramsbottom Folk Club

August 31st: The Exchange Arts Centre, Keighley

July 2016

July 9th: The Folk Gathering, Wigan Old Courts

July 13th: Folk, Blues, & Beyond, Hope

July 16th Skinner & T'witch's 6th Pick n' Mix Showcase, The Grove Inn, Leeds

July 28th: Bromsgrove Folk Club Summer Showcase

June 2016

June 11th: Huddersfield Blues and Folk Festival

June 12th: The Acoustic Folk Highway, The Harrison, London

June 16th: Lymm Folk Club: June 16th

May 2016

May 1st & 2nd: Upton-upon-Severn Folk Festival

April 2016

April 1st: First Friday Folk, Swinton, Manchester

April 9th: Skinner & T'witch's 5th Pick n' Mix Showcase, The Grove Inn, Leeds

March 2016

March 4th: Seaford Folk Club

March 6th: Doug Welch's Kent Folk Show, BBC Radio Kent

March 7th: Tonbridge Folk Club

February 2016

February 14th: FRACA, Leeds

February 13th: Busk Love Folk at the #LoveFolk Festival, The Atkinson, Southport

February 3rd: The Moorcock Acoustic Music Night, Blacko, Nelson

January 2016

January 3rd: The Wee Folk Club, Edinburgh

January 16th: Skinner & T'witch's 4th Pick n' Mix Showcase, The Grove, Leeds

January 21st: The Village Acoustic Showcase, Walthamstow, London

January 22nd: Live@Chequers IG6, Ilford, Essex

January 24th: The Sidmouth Acoustic Sessions


December 2015

Live at Verve, Leeds: December 3rd

The Stafford FM Folk Show: December 10th

Swindon Folksingers Club: December 11th

The World Folk Show, Marlow FM: December 12th

Arts@Trinity Fringe, Leeds December 16th

The Durbervilles Folk Show on BBC Radio Leeds: December 21st

November 2015

FRACA, Leeds: November 8th

Ramsbottom Folk Club: November 11th

The Globe Inn, Glossop (supporting Harp and a monkey): November 12th

Dan James Folk Show Live interview, BRFM 97.3: November 24th

October 2015

We Shall Overcome, The Blue Rooms, Huddersfield: October 3rd

The Shuttle Shuffle Festival, Bradford: October 4th

Skinner & T'witch's 3rd Pick n' Mix Showcase, The Cardigan Arms, Leeds: October 17th

Folk at the Mill, Windmill Radio: October 18th

Seend Acoustic Club: October 21st

The Folk Show, Radio Wimborne: October 25th

September 2015

Narrowboat Session: September 22nd

Salford Music Festival: September 27th

The Willows Folk Club, Kirkham: September 30th

August 2015

West Yorkshire Music Collective, BCB Radio: August 6th

Eten Cafe, Sheffield: August 7th

Folk Us, BCB Radio: August 10th

Blues & Roots, Haworth: August 16th

The Fox's Den, Vixen FM: August 21st

FAB Folk & Blues, Vale Radio: August 24th

Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield: August 27th

Night Moves, All FM 96.9: August 30th

July 2015

The Northern Side, BCB Radio: July 5th

Skinner & T'witch's 2nd Pick n' Mix Showcase, The Cardigan Arms, Leeds: July 12th

Saddleworth Folk Weekend: July 19th

June 2015

The Folk Show, Bishop FM: June 1st

Debut Records, Barnsley: June 6th

Musical Comedy Night, Seven, Leeds: June 12th

BedFest, Knaresborough: June 13th

Moonfest, Kendal: June 20th

Sounds of Folk, Oldham Community Radio: June 22nd

May 2015

Filey Folk Festival: May 3rd

Doncaster Little Theatre: May 15th

Island Folk Show, Lindsey FM Online: May 21st

Lechlade Festival: May 23rd

Acoustic Eclectic, The Q Inn, Stalybridge: May 27th

April 2015

Made in Leeds TV's 'The Book-It List', performing 'The Fool's Journey': April 1st

Doncaster Roots & Acoustic Club (supporting Harp and A Monkey): April 3rd

Edgy Sessions, Holmfirth: April 4th

FRACA, Leeds: April 12th

Folkal Point, Radio Teesdale: April 14th

Martin Kelner's Show on BBC Radio Leeds: April 17th

Wah Wah Records, Wakefield: April 18th

Skinner & T'witch' 1st Pick n' Mix Showcase, The Cardigan Arms, Leeds: April 18th

Doncaster Folk Festival's Songwriting Competition, Cask Corner Dive Bar, Doncaster: April 26th

Major Tom's Social, Harrogate: April 29th

Made in Leeds TV's The Book-It List, performing 'Old Time Yorkshire': April 29th

March 2015

The Northern Side Radio Show, BCB Radio 106.6FM: March 1st

The Acoustic Circus, Batley: March 15th

Made in Leeds TV's 'The Book-It List', performing 'Closing Time': March 20th

Vinyl Tap, Huddersfield: March 21st

The Other Way on Sine FM: March 22nd

Made in Leeds TV's 'On The Streets with Mark O'Brien', performing 'Closing Time': March 25th

Made in Leeds TV's The Book-It List', performing 'The Election': March 27th

Jonti's Roots & Acoustic Music Show on Sine FM: March 29th

Made in Leeds TV's 'The Book-It List', performing 'The Diet Song': March 31st

February 2015

Notorious Aardvark's Music Showcase, Diamond Live Lounge, Doncaster: February 1st

T'Foot of Ahr Stairs, Factory Street Studios, Bradford: February 3rd

Instrumental at Inkwell Arts, Leeds: February 6th

The Itinerant Waiters Club, The Chemic Tavern, Leeds: February 10th

Kirkgate Irregular Roots, Shipley (supporting Gerry Cooper & Phil Snell): February 14th

Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk Show on BBC Radio Shropshire: February 15th

The Topic Folk Club, Bradford (supporting The Gerry McNeice Band): February 19th

Salford Folk, on Salford City Radio 94.4FM: February 26th

The Ingleton Folk Gathering Fundraiser: February 28th

January 2015

Casa Maria, Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera, The Canaries: January 4th
Seven Unplugged, Seven Arts, Leeds: January 14th


December 2014

Made in Leeds TV's The Book-it List: December 15th & 17th

November 2014

Morley Folk Club: November 18th

The Mos Eisely Cantina, The Cloth Cat, Leeds: November 27th

October 2014

The Durbervilles Folk & Roots Show, BBC Radio Leeds: October 5th

September 2014

Settle Folk Gathering Open Mic: September 5th

Hull Trinity Festival: September 27th

August 2014

Rhyl Folk & Acoustic Club: August 22nd

Conwy Folk Club: August 25th

Folkspot Radio, Norfolk: August 31st

July 2014

L'Ingliz, Valetta, Malta: July 1st

Croppers Folk Club, Cleckheaton: July 25th

May 2014

Filey Folk Festival: May 3rd

The Wee Folk Club, Edinburgh: May 25th

March 2014

The Stag, Hastings: March 8th

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With The Durbervilles, BBC Radio Leeds Folk & Roots Show