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The Wee Folk Club in Edinburgh
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Made In Leeds TV’s ‘The Book-It List’
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Saddleworth Folk Weekend - Acoustic Eclectic
Past Performances

August 2020

August 1st - Online set for Daz (in the Hat) Hull's Hat Tracks Live 2020 WSO Foodbank Fundraiser

August 2nd - Skinner & T'witch's 9th Pick n' Mix Online Singaround, including Savannah King, Chris Chambers, Belle Woodland, Pauline Vallance, Matt Tango Ellerby, Grace Pettis, and Skinner & T'witch

August 4th - Online set for the Acoustic Sanctuary

July 2020

July 5th - Skinner & T'witch's 7th Pick n' Mix Online Singaround with Gitta da Ridder, Greg Hancock, Steve Dagleish, Tomorrow Bird, Chris Elliott & Caitlin Jones, Fishing For Compliments, and Skinner & T'witch

July 12th - Skinner & T'witch's 7th Pick n' Mix Online Artist Showcase, with Dan Walsh, The Levins, and Serious Child, and Skinner & T'witch

July 19th - Skinner & T'witch's 8th Pick n' Mix Online Singaround, with Carol Crittenden, Loretta Hagan, Tomo, Tom Houston, Rodney Branigan, Kris Lannen (Brother Sea), and Skinner & T'witch

July 24th - Songs of Liberation, Justice, and People's Empowerment - Part 1. Trans-Atlantic Online Song Swap hosted by the People's Music Network (USA)

July 26th - Skinner & T'witch's 8th Pick n' Mix Online Artist Showcase, with Keith Donnelly, Gilmore & Roberts, Dan Navarro, and Skinner & T'witch

July 28th - Skinner & T'witch's set for The Wurzel Bush Folk Club's online Television Show

June 2020

June 5th - Skinner & T'witch's 5th Pick n' Mix Women's Singaround (+ Steve!) with Kirsty Merryn, Anne Sumner, Jess Silk, Amy Goddard, Minnie Birch and Lizzie Hardingham, + Skinner & T'witch

June 14th - Skinner & T'witch's 5th Pick n' Mix International Artist Showcase, with Louise Jordan (UK), George Mann (USA), and KURI (Japan), + Skinner & T'witch

June 21st - Skinner & T'witch's 6th Pick n' Mix Transatlantic Duos Singaround, with Winter Wilson, Larry Hanks and Deborah Robins, Jess and Richard Arrowsmith, Elizabeth and Jameson, Ken Keppeler and Jeanie McLerie, and Karen Pfeiffer and Paul Walker, + Skinner & T'witch

June 28th - Skinner & T'witch's 6th Pick n' Mix Artist Showcase, with Ben Grosscup, Nina Ricci, Eric Sijpestijn, + Skinner & T'witch

May 2020

May 3rd - Skinner & T'witch's 2nd Pick n' Mix Online Artist Showcase, with Virginia and John Kettle, Sally Ironmonger and Brian Carter, and Rob Lane

May 10th - Skinner & T'witch's 3rd Pick n' Mix Online (Women's - except Steve!) Singaround, with Nicky Bray, Pauline Vallance, Paula Ryan, Cobalt Tales, Eliza Marshall, and Sharon Lazibyrd
May 17th - Skinner & T'witch's 3rd Pick n' Mix Online Artist Showcase, with Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer, Zoe Lewis and Daria Kulesh

May 24th Skinner & T'witch's 4th Pick n' Mix Online Singaround, with Joe Quinn, Flossie Malavialle, Robert Nicklas, Carys Singer, Mike Felton and Steve Andisaw

May 31st Skinner & T'witch's 4th Pick n' Mix Online Australian Artist Showcase, with Deb Morrow, Linda Mizzi, and Fred Smith

April 2020

April 11th - Interview on Paul Mansell's World Folk Show on Marlow FM

April 12th - Skinner & T'witch's 1st Pick n' Mix Online Singaround, with Tobiah Thomas, The Sweet Sorrows, Monologue John Bartley, Alison Raymond and Rob Bilson

April 14th - Interview on Brian Player's Acoustic Cafe on Wey Valley Radio

April 19th - Skinner & T'witch's 1st Pick n' Mix Online Artist Showcase, with Carla Ulbrich, Les Glover and Polly Morris

April 21st - Live Online Set Before Brian Player's Acoustic Cafe on Wey Valley Radio

April 26th - Skinner & T'witch's 2nd Pick n' Mix Online Singaround, with Pete Davies, Carrie Martin, Pete Ivatts, Steve Suffet, Sacrificial Sam, and Rob Bilson

April 27th The Village Stage Lunchtime Live (Online Session)

March 2020

March 2nd - Interview with LeedsTV about the forthcoming Australian Bushfire Benefit Events

March 7th - Australian Bushfires Fundraiser, The Merchant Bar, Bradford 3-11pm

February 2020

February 2nd - Little Rock Folk Club, Little Rock, AR, USA

February 21st - Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield

January 2020

January 12th - Brick Hill House Concert, Orleans, MA, USA

January 13th - Live Session on Dinah Mellin’s The Fiddle & The Harp, WOMR, Provincetown, MA, USA

January 16th - Live Session on Nick Noble’s The Folk Revival, WICN, Worcester, MA, USA

January 18th - Live Session for Joe Pszonek’s Electric Train-wreck, WNTI, Centenary, NJ, USA

January 18th - The Peoples’ Voice Cafe, New York City, NY, USA

January 21st - House Concert, New Orleans, LA, USA

January 22nd - 25th - Folk Alliance International Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA

January 22nd - Recording Live Session for Taylor Caffery's Hootenanny Power, WRKF Public Radio Baton Rouge, LA, USA (recorded at the Folk Alliance International Conference, NOLA, USA

January 26th - Recording Live Session for Ken Nagelberg's It's For Folks, WHYR 96.9 FM Baton Rouge Community Radio, LA, USA

January 29th - Live Session on Bruce Newman’s Folk Song Fiesta, WEVL, Memphis, TN, USA


December 2019

December 3rd - ‘The Bells of Christmas’ EP Launch, Leeds

December 7th - Big Acoustic Night Out, Middlesborough (with Wilson McGladdery)

December 17th - Garage Recordings (video), Wakefield

December 18th - Live session on Big Uncle Tony Haynes’ FAB Folk and Blues online Christmas party, Tempo FM

November 2019

November 1st - 4th - Maldon Folk Festival, VIC, Australia

November 30th - Joe Solo’s 50th Birthday WSO fundraiser, Ashton-under-Lyne

October 2019

Oct 18th - 20th - Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival, VIC, Australia

Oct 25th - Humph Hall, Sydney, NSW, Australia

October 26th - The Troubadour, Woy Woy, NSW, Australia

October 27th - Tradewinds Folk, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Oct 30th - Live Session on Michael Crichton’s Mostly Folk, Fun & Friends, 3WBC, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

September 2019

September 7th - Wigan Diggers Festival

September 9th - Waltham Abbey Folk Club

September 10th - Live Session on Brian Player’s Acoustic Cafe Radio Show

September 11th - The Carpenter’s Arms, Miserden

August 2019

August 11th - Live Session on Doug Welch’s Kent Folk Show on BBC Radio Kent

August 13th/14th - Broadstairs Folk Week

August 16th - Live session for Neil Vessey’s The Folk Pilot, Deal Radio

August 24th - Live interview on Jim Marino’s Freewheelin’ Folk Show, CFMU

July 2019

July 14th - Folk on the Farm, Anglesey

July 25th - Live session for Les Ray’s Strummers and Dreamers, Cambridge 105 FM

July 26th - Royston Folk Club

July 29th - Live session on the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Folk Show, with Sue Marchant and Nicky Stockman

June 2019

June 2nd: Live session on Genevieve Tudor’s Sunday Folk Show, BBC Radio Shropshire, with Wilson McGladdery

June 7th - Robin Hood’s Bay Folk Weekend - The Cafe Dash (fundraising for the RNLI)

June 26th - International Community Development Conference, Dundee

May 2019

May 19th: The Sparrow Bier Cafe, Bradford - Big Acoustic Afternoon Out (with Wilson McGladdery)

May 22nd: Live session on Lizzie Jenkins The Northern Side, BCB Radio

May 24th: Thetford Folk Club

May 27th: Live session on The Folk Show with Kevin O, 7-8pm UK, Radio Winchcombe

May 28th: The Wurzel Bush Folk Club, Rugby

May 29th: Live session on Greg Russell’s New Traditions, BBC Radio Sheffield

May 31st: Video shoot with Red Lime Videography and RRS Music at Slung Low Theatre, Leeds

April 2019

April 20th: Skinner & T’witch’s 16th Pick n’ Mix, with Cobalt Tales, Fishing For Compliments, and Rising Ashes - The Grove Inn, Leeds

April 23rd: Quarter Acoustic Music Club

April 24th: Nova Scotia Folk Club, Glasgow

March 2019

March 5th: Live on the Folky Phone to Brian Player on his Acoustic Cafe radio show on Wey Valley Radio, along with Vicki Swan & Johnny Dyer, and Corrie Shelley

March 15th: Robin Hood'S Bay Folk Club (BayFolk)

March 28th: Video shoot with Red Lime Videography on location in Whitby, Sandsend and Robin Hood’s Bay

February 2019

February 16th: Big Acoustic Night Out - The Oddfellows, Denshaw, Oldham - with Wilson McGladdery

February 24th: Sweet Afton Water Acoustic (SAWA), New Cumnock

February 26th: Leith Folk Club, Edinburgh

February 27th: Live Session on Danny Matheson's It's All About Folk, Celtic Music Radio, Glasgow


December 2018

December 19th: Whitby Wassail, part of the Great North Christmas Festival

December 26th: Live guests on Big Uncle Tony Haynes' FAB Folk & Blues on-air Boxing Day party

November 2018

November 2nd: Live session on Stephen Foster’s afternoon show on BBC Radio Suffolk

November 2nd: Waveney Folk Club, Lowestoft

November 17th: Big Acoustic Night Out with Wilson McGladdery at Stockport Labour Club

October 2018

October 3rd: Video recording/photoshoot with the Yorkshire Evening Post

October 5th: Interview/video recording with Leeds TV

October 6th: Skinner & T’witch’s 15th Pick n’ Mix WSO Charity Acoustic Roots Festival, The Grove Inn, Leeds

October 15th: Live session on Rebekah Findlay and Lee Huck's Bishop FM Folk Show

October 26th: Skinner & T’witch and Wilson McGladdery’s Big Acoustic Night Out, Square Chapel Arts, Halifax

September 2018

September 8th: Big Acoustic Night Out, Goathland Hut, with Wilson McGladdery

September 17th: Interview with Brian Player for his 'My Choice' show on Wey Valley Radio

September 21st: Interview with Andrew Edwards, BBC Radio Leeds

Sept 27th: Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT)

August 2018

August 11th: Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Folk at the Oak, The Wee Folk Club, The Royal Oak

August 12th: Live interview on Ros Barclay's Makin It On My Own, CamGlen Radio

August 15th: Live Session on Ian Oliphant's Lunchtime Selection Show on Celtic Music Radio

August 15th: Nova Scotia Folk Club, The Fort Theatre Bishopbriggs, Glasgow

August 16th: Recording/Live Session for Hugh Taylor's Folk n Stuff, Alive FM, Moniaive

August 18th: Otley Labour Room, with Dr Crow and The Forbidden Zone and Pen and Stu

August 21st: Live Session on James Blatchley's Chorley FM Folk Show

August 25th: Recording in Leeds for Chris Arscott's Folk and Acoustic Music Show, Dean Radio

August 31st: 'Everybody's Grotty' Album Launch at The Grove Inn, Leeds, with support from Den Miller

July 2018

July 14th: Skinner & T'witch's 14th Pick n' Mix Showcase at The Grove Inn, Leeds, presenting Wilson McGladdery, Fishing For Compliments, and Skinner & T'witch

July 16th: Live Session on Tony Fisher's Afternoon Show on BBC Radio Essex

July 17th: Live Session on Brian Player's Acoustic Cafe on Wey Valley Radio

July 18th: Epping Music Club

July 26th: Cabaret Doonican, Barnsley, with The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican, Pocketful O'Nowt and Taxi For Bob

June 2018

June 1st: Ulverston Live Music

June 8th: Interview on Tony Wyn Jones Drive-time Show, Mon F

June 8th: Rhosneigr Live Music Festival, Isle of Anglesey

June 24th: The Beardy Folk Festival

June 24th: Interview with Susie Gee at The Beardy Folk Festival for Folk For Folks' Sake

May 2018

May 3rd: Live session for Dave Mather and Pete Robinson's Salford Folk Show on Salford City Radio

May 13th: Live Session for Doug Welch's BBC Radio Kent Folk Show

May 14th: Colindale Folk Club, London

May 23rd: Skinner & T'witch hosted Sadie and Jay on Big Uncle Tony Haynes' FAB Folk & Blues on Tempo FM

April 2018

April 1st: Festival Fundraiser, Hope

April 21st: Skinner & T'witch's 13th Pick n' Mix Showcase, Leeds, presenting Katie Spencer, Mestisa, Martin Rose, and Skinner & T'witch

March 2018

March 7th: Live session for Big Uncle Tony Haynes' FAB Folk & Blues, Tempo FM

March 10th: Live session for Alan Ritson's Fine Folk, Lincoln City Radio, and Siren Folk, Siren FM

March 25th: Live session for Gary Hazlehurst's Nova FM Folk Show

February 2018

February 6th: Live session for Ali O'Brien and Bernard Cromarty's Sounds of Folk on Oldham Community Radio

January 2018

January 20th: Skinner & T'witch's 12th Pick n' Mix Showcase at The Grove, Leeds


December 2017

December 3rd: The Great British Folk Festival, Skegness

December 10th: Folk, Roots, Acoustic Chapel Allerton (FRACA), Leeds (Steve Skinner solo set)

December 20th: Live interview with The Sandyford Shedders, Dublin South FM

October 2017

October 7th: Skinner & T'witch's Pick n' Mix WSO Acoustic Roots Charity Festival, The Grove Inn, Leeds

October 21st: Cottingham Springboard Monthly Sessions, Hull

September 2017

September 4th: Live on Richard Stead's morning show, BBC Radio Leeds

September 15th: Watford Folk Club

September 17th: Live session for David Bond's Folk, Roots & Branches on 10Radio (to be aired 5th October)

September 21st: Live session for Ian Liversidge's Thursday Live, Glastonbury FM

September 22nd: Flying Folk, at Ilminster Arts Centre

September 26th: Live on Gayle Lofthouse's afternoon show on BBC Radio Leeds

August 2017

August 5th: The Wee Folk Club, Edinburgh, as part of the Fringe Festival Folk @ the Oak

August 9th: Dunfermline Folk Club

August 28th: Folk Festival on the Dock, Liverpool

August 31st: Live session for Peculiar Blue's Parlour Sessions on Box Radio Live

July 2017

July 15th: Skinner & T'witch's 10th Pick n' Mix Showcase, The Grove Inn, Leeds, with Henry Parker, Peculiar Blue and Captain of the Lost Waves

June 2017

June 2nd: The Acoustic Festival of Britain

June 3rd: Live session for Mike Brill, Radio Caroline

June 12th: Live interview for Dinah Mellin, The Fiddle & The Harp, WOMR FM, Cape Cod

June 16th: Headingley Music Festival, New Headingley Club

June 22nd: 38 Degrees Live in Leeds, Left Bank, Leed

May 2017

May 13th: The Peoples' Voice Cafe, New York City

May 14th: Live session for 'Joltin' Joe Pszonek's Radio Nowhere, Sparta, New Jersey

May 15th: Live session for Artie Martello's Power Folk, Blues and Roots Radio, the Catskill Mountains, upstate New York

May 18th: Live session for Nick Noble's Folk Revival show on WICN, Worcester, Massachusetts

May 19th: Live session for Jon 'Chip' Colcord's Out of the Woods in Concord, New Hampshire

May 19th: Sunapee Community Coffee House, Sunapee, New Hampshire

May 27th: Live session for Andy Fea, with Max Roberts (Folk Hour) on Beverley Live on Beverley FM

April 2017

April 8th: Live streaming on Facebook of songs from 'The Fool's Journey' album

April 10th: Live session for Tony Haynes FAB Folk & Blues on Vale Radio

April 14th: Hope Charity (Red Cross) Music and Beer Festival, Derbyshire

April 22nd: Skinner & T'witch's 9th Pick n' Mix showcase at The Grove Inn, Leeds, with Lewis Barfoot and The Small Change Diaries

April 23rd: Live interview on Antony Silson and Lynn Harrison's Anthony & Lynn's Sunday Tea on Drystone Radio

March 2017

March 4th: Live session for Fiona Elcoat (Big Boots & Celtic Roots, Lionheart Radio)

March 7th: Leith Folk Club, Edinburgh

March 8th: Live session for John Keenan, Bute Island Radio

March 13th: Transclyde Music, Rothesay, Isle of Bute

March 21st: Live session for James Blatchley, Chorley FM Folk Show

March 30th: Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield

February 2017

February 3rd: Live session for Bill Horncastle, The Fox's Den, Vixen 101

January 2017

January 2nd: Live session for Tony Haynes, FAB Folk and Blues, Vale Radio

January 21st: Skinner & T'witch's 8th Pick n' Mix, The Grove Inn, Leeds


December 2016

December 6th: BBC Radio Leeds Christmas Carol Concert, Leeds Minster

December 11th: Doug Welch's BBC Radio Kent Folk Show

December 27th: Live session for Liz Franklin, Eden Folk Show, Eden FM

November 2016

November 17th: Mos Eisley Cantina, Cloth Cat, The Chemic Tavern, Leeds

October 2016

October 2nd: The Dusty Miller Folk, Club, Huddersfield:

October 6th: Live session for Roger Pettit's Roots and Shoots, Felixstowe Radio

October 7th: Waveney Folk Club

October 13th: Ilkley Playhouse (Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe)

October 15th: Skinner & T'witch's 7th Pick n' Mix, The Grove Inn, Leeds

September 2016

September 9th-11th: Langdale Charity Folk Festival

September 30th New ROOTS Club, Headingley

August 2016

August 6th: The Wee Folk Club, Edinburgh

August 17th: Ramsbottom Folk Club

August 31st: The Exchange Arts Centre, Keighley

July 2016

July 9th: The Folk Gathering, Wigan Old Courts

July 13th: Folk, Blues, & Beyond, Hope

July 16th Skinner & T'witch's 6th Pick n' Mix Showcase, The Grove Inn, Leeds

July 28th: Bromsgrove Folk Club Summer Showcase

June 2016

June 11th: Huddersfield Blues and Folk Festival

June 12th: The Acoustic Folk Highway, The Harrison, London

June 16th: Lymm Folk Club: June 16th

May 2016

May 1st & 2nd: Upton-upon-Severn Folk Festival

April 2016

April 1st: First Friday Folk, Swinton, Manchester

April 9th: Skinner & T'witch's 5th Pick n' Mix Showcase, The Grove Inn, Leeds

March 2016

March 4th: Seaford Folk Club

March 6th: Doug Welch's Kent Folk Show, BBC Radio Kent

March 7th: Tonbridge Folk Club

February 2016

February 14th: FRACA, Leeds

February 13th: Busk Love Folk at the #LoveFolk Festival, The Atkinson, Southport

February 3rd: The Moorcock Acoustic Music Night, Blacko, Nelson

January 2016

January 3rd: The Wee Folk Club, Edinburgh

January 16th: Skinner & T'witch's 4th Pick n' Mix Showcase, The Grove, Leeds

January 21st: The Village Acoustic Showcase, Walthamstow, London

January 22nd: Live@Chequers IG6, Ilford, Essex

January 24th: The Sidmouth Acoustic Sessions


December 2015

Live at Verve, Leeds: December 3rd

The Stafford FM Folk Show: December 10th

Swindon Folksingers Club: December 11th

The World Folk Show, Marlow FM: December 12th

Arts@Trinity Fringe, Leeds December 16th

The Durbervilles Folk Show on BBC Radio Leeds: December 21st

November 2015

FRACA, Leeds: November 8th

Ramsbottom Folk Club: November 11th

The Globe Inn, Glossop (supporting Harp and a monkey): November 12th

Dan James Folk Show Live interview, BRFM 97.3: November 24th

October 2015

We Shall Overcome, The Blue Rooms, Huddersfield: October 3rd

The Shuttle Shuffle Festival, Bradford: October 4th

Skinner & T'witch's 3rd Pick n' Mix Showcase, The Cardigan Arms, Leeds: October 17th

Folk at the Mill, Windmill Radio: October 18th

Seend Acoustic Club: October 21st

The Folk Show, Radio Wimborne: October 25th

September 2015

Narrowboat Session: September 22nd

Salford Music Festival: September 27th

The Willows Folk Club, Kirkham: September 30th

August 2015

West Yorkshire Music Collective, BCB Radio: August 6th

Eten Cafe, Sheffield: August 7th

Folk Us, BCB Radio: August 10th

Blues & Roots, Haworth: August 16th

The Fox's Den, Vixen FM: August 21st

FAB Folk & Blues, Vale Radio: August 24th

Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield: August 27th

Night Moves, All FM 96.9: August 30th

July 2015

The Northern Side, BCB Radio: July 5th

Skinner & T'witch's 2nd Pick n' Mix Showcase, The Cardigan Arms, Leeds: July 12th

Saddleworth Folk Weekend: July 19th

June 2015

The Folk Show, Bishop FM: June 1st

Debut Records, Barnsley: June 6th

Musical Comedy Night, Seven, Leeds: June 12th

BedFest, Knaresborough: June 13th

Moonfest, Kendal: June 20th

Sounds of Folk, Oldham Community Radio: June 22nd

May 2015

Filey Folk Festival: May 3rd

Doncaster Little Theatre: May 15th

Island Folk Show, Lindsey FM Online: May 21st

Lechlade Festival: May 23rd

Acoustic Eclectic, The Q Inn, Stalybridge: May 27th

April 2015

Made in Leeds TV's 'The Book-It List', performing 'The Fool's Journey': April 1st

Doncaster Roots & Acoustic Club (supporting Harp and A Monkey): April 3rd

Edgy Sessions, Holmfirth: April 4th

FRACA, Leeds: April 12th

Folkal Point, Radio Teesdale: April 14th

Martin Kelner's Show on BBC Radio Leeds: April 17th

Wah Wah Records, Wakefield: April 18th

Skinner & T'witch' 1st Pick n' Mix Showcase, The Cardigan Arms, Leeds: April 18th

Doncaster Folk Festival's Songwriting Competition, Cask Corner Dive Bar, Doncaster: April 26th

Major Tom's Social, Harrogate: April 29th

Made in Leeds TV's The Book-It List, performing 'Old Time Yorkshire': April 29th

March 2015

The Northern Side Radio Show, BCB Radio 106.6FM: March 1st

The Acoustic Circus, Batley: March 15th

Made in Leeds TV's 'The Book-It List', performing 'Closing Time': March 20th

Vinyl Tap, Huddersfield: March 21st

The Other Way on Sine FM: March 22nd

Made in Leeds TV's 'On The Streets with Mark O'Brien', performing 'Closing Time': March 25th

Made in Leeds TV's The Book-It List', performing 'The Election': March 27th

Jonti's Roots & Acoustic Music Show on Sine FM: March 29th

Made in Leeds TV's 'The Book-It List', performing 'The Diet Song': March 31st

February 2015

Notorious Aardvark's Music Showcase, Diamond Live Lounge, Doncaster: February 1st

T'Foot of Ahr Stairs, Factory Street Studios, Bradford: February 3rd

Instrumental at Inkwell Arts, Leeds: February 6th

The Itinerant Waiters Club, The Chemic Tavern, Leeds: February 10th

Kirkgate Irregular Roots, Shipley (supporting Gerry Cooper & Phil Snell): February 14th

Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk Show on BBC Radio Shropshire: February 15th

The Topic Folk Club, Bradford (supporting The Gerry McNeice Band): February 19th

Salford Folk, on Salford City Radio 94.4FM: February 26th

The Ingleton Folk Gathering Fundraiser: February 28th

January 2015

Casa Maria, Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera, The Canaries: January 4th
Seven Unplugged, Seven Arts, Leeds: January 14th


December 2014

Made in Leeds TV's The Book-it List: December 15th & 17th

November 2014

Morley Folk Club: November 18th

The Mos Eisely Cantina, The Cloth Cat, Leeds: November 27th

October 2014

The Durbervilles Folk & Roots Show, BBC Radio Leeds: October 5th

September 2014

Settle Folk Gathering Open Mic: September 5th

Hull Trinity Festival: September 27th

August 2014

Rhyl Folk & Acoustic Club: August 22nd

Conwy Folk Club: August 25th

Folkspot Radio, Norfolk: August 31st

July 2014

L'Ingliz, Valetta, Malta: July 1st

Croppers Folk Club, Cleckheaton: July 25th

May 2014

Filey Folk Festival: May 3rd

The Wee Folk Club, Edinburgh: May 25th

March 2014

The Stag, Hastings: March 8th

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With The Durbervilles, BBC Radio Leeds Folk & Roots Show