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Steve Skinner's poem of the week is...The Hungry Tree! You can click on this link to read the poem...

...and now it's time for Skinner & T'witch's new, regular feature...(Steve) Skinner's Poem of the Week...

The Hungry Treek

‘I’m hungry!’ said the Elm tree, gasping for a snack,

‘Let’s raid the local Co-op with a full-on food attack!’

The Oak and Ash both joined him, the Birch and Holly too;

The Willow cried ‘I’m starving!’, so he joined the woody crew.

Deep in the velvet midnight, they tip-toed through the street,

Bathed in frightened moonlight, to find a bite to eat.

They broke in through the windows, pushed hard against the door,

Their leaves and branches covering the shop from roof to floor.

They sucked up all the yogurt and swallowed eggs and peas,

They danced around the aisles in an orgy of cream cheese.

The Birch enjoyed some pizzas, the Holly ate some pies,

The Oak and Willow gorged on packs of low fat, chunky fries.

They tangoed through the check-outs, they waltzed around the aisles,

Munching crisps and peanuts with their cheeky, leafy smiles.

They danced all night together, tasting what they liked,

They all sang karaoke with a turnip as the mic.

‘Hold on!’ cried the Robin, ‘The Co-ops rather nice,

And always sell us produce at a fair and decent price.

They do good special offers, with Fair Trade overseas,

And even have a project to protect our brother trees.’

The Elm tree heard Red Robin and rallied to his friends:

‘The birdies got a good point, we’ll have to make amends!’

The trees all looked around them and then had to confess

Their wild forest party had produced an awful mess.

Sweeping with their branches, they washed the splattered floor,

And within half an hour it was a ship-shape shop once more.

They crept back through the city to their haven on the hill,

Where the feast’s a well-loved legend in the forest’s memory still.

So, if you’re feeling hungry and need a sudden bite

Please don’t choose the Co-op for a snack raid in the night.

Copyright Steve Skinner 2017