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Steve (Skinner) inspired by the full moon over Butlins, Skegness, during The Great British Folk Festival, to write a poem: 'Full Moon Over Butlins'!

Steve (Skinner) was inspired by the full moon over Butlins, Skegness, which shone above the Great British Folk Festival this last weekend, to write this wee poem about a full moon over Butlins, entitled 'Full moon over Butlins':

Full moon over Butlins, there are rituals on the sand

The Red Coats are all druids, the waiters worship Pan

Instead of ‘Morning campers!’ or shouts of ‘Hi-Di-Hi!’

They're droning chants for ancient gods beneath the pagan sky

Instead of roller coasters or scampi in the pub

They're roasting half a vicar to inspire Beelzebub

Instead of swims and boating, or tennis on the lawn

They're drumming for Diana beneath the trees at dawn

I miss the evening bingo, the games beneath the sun

But all night wild dancing is really, much more fun

Photograph by Simon Godley.