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Skinner & T'witch are very exited about their Pick n' Mix Acoustic Roots WSO Charity Festival, in support of Leeds Food Banks, on Oct 7th from 1-11pm at The Grove Inn, Leeds!

Woo hoo!!! Skinner & T'witch are very excited to be presenting their 11th Pick n' Mix showcase event on Saturday, October 7th, at The Grove Inn, Back Row, Leeds LS11 5PL, as a We Shall Overcome Acoustic Roots Charity Festival:

Pay as you feel (suggested donation £5). All proceeds to Leeds Food Banks. Feel free to bring (dry) foodstuffs, toiletries etc..

You don't have to stay all day. Dip in and out. Come for the afternoon. Come for tea time. Come for the evening. Come on down..!

Timings for the event will be, as follows:

1.15pm - Rum Doodle:

1.50pm - Heather Woodhead:

2.25pm - Gerry Cooper & Phil Snell:

3.00pm - Skinner & Twitch:

3.20pm - Joe Solo:

3.55pm - Rebekah Findlay and Lee Huck:

4.30pm - Fishing For Compliments:

5.05pm - Red Sky:

5.40pm - Mestisa:

6.15pm - Break

6.30pm - Boo Sutcliffe:

7.05pm - Karin Grandal-Park & Karl Robins:

7.40pm - The Small Change Diaries:

8.15pm - Skinner & T'witch:

8.35pm - Den Miller:

9.10pm - Wilson McGladdery:

9.45pm - The Jon Palmer Band:

10.20pm - Captain of The Lost Waves:

Please note that all times will be approximate.

See you there! It's going to be great!