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Skinner & T'witch's comic argument song, 'You're Always Right', played by 24+ marvellous folk/acoustic/roots radio show presenters on 43+ radio stations internationally, so far!

Many Thanks to the tremendous 24+ Radio Show presenters who have so far played Skinner & T'witch's comic argument song, 'You're Always Right', on 43+ radio stations, over the past weeks:

Colin MacDonald (Folkal Point, An Radio, Dunoon Community Radio, Two Lochs Radio, Crystal FM, HBS Glasgow, Radio Telstar, Blues and Roots Radio); Gary Hazlehurst (Nova FM Folk Show); Russell Auty (Bands In and Around Milton Keynes, Radio MK); Bill Horncastle (The Fox's Den, Vixen 101); Ian Freedman (Readifolk Radio Show, Blues and Roots Radio); Deborah Millstein (Crystal Cavern, Hamilton Radio); Jon 'Chip' Colcord (Out of the Woods, syndicated on 19 US/UK radio stations); Trevor Oxborrow (Folk at Five, Argyll FM); Christian Frank and Paul Millar (The Lemon Circus, Radio Stitch); Reg Webb (Reg's Good Stuff, Ride Radio); Mitch and Robyn Park (Sunday Folk Show, Radio Kidnappers); Artie Martello (Powerfolk, Blues and Roots Radio); Michelle Dalgety (Yorkshire Music Collective, BCB Radio); David Chamberlain (Acoustic Routes, Dapper FM/Blues and Roots Radio); Russell Hill (Country Music Show, Express FM); Alan Hossack (Jock's Celtic Calamity, Blues and Roots Radio); John Sillberg (Small Time Radio Show, CKOL); Peter Aston (Forest Folk, Forest FM); Tony Haynes (FAB Folk & Blues, Tempo FM); Fiona Elcoat (Big Boots & Celtic Roots, Lionheart Radio); Philip Webster (Forest Focus, Forest FM); and Joe Pszonek (Radio Nowhere). Sorry if we've missed anyone!

'You're Always Right' is a pre-release from Skinner & T'witch's next album, 'Everybody's Grotty', due for release in 2019.