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Skinner & T'witch's 'Calais Nights' played on 'Joltin' Joe Pszonek's Radio Nowhere!

Skinner & T'witch's 'Calais Nights', was played on 'Joltin' Joe Pszonek's marvellous Radio Nowhere again this week (Sundays from 6-9pm US EST/11pm-2am UK GMT) on NEWT Radio: @radionowhere903

'Calais Nights' is the story of a refugee travelling across Europe on his journey to Calais and beyond, featuring Egyptian drums and North African oud.

Skinner & T'witch will be playing at The Peoples' Voice Cafe in New York on Saturday, May 13th, and are very much looking forward to playing live on Radio Nowhere on Sunday, May 14th 2017.