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Skinner & T'witch's recent single release, 'Calais Nights', played by 23 fabulous radio show presenters (so far!)! All proceeds from the sale of the single will go to Refugee Action.

Many thanks to the 23 fabulous radio show presenters who have (so far) played Skinner & T'witch's recent single release, 'Calais Nights':

Colin MacDonald (Folkal Point, An Radio, Two Lochs Radio, Dunoon Community Radio, HBS Glasgow, and Blues and Roots Radio); Chris T-T (Midnight Campfire, Juice Radio); Bill Horncastle (The Fox's Den, Vixen 101); Liz Franklin (Eden Folk Show, Eden FM and Folk Garden, Blues and Roots Radio); Jackson Cooper (Music Engine, Riviera FM); Russell Auty (Bands In and Around Milton Keynes, Radio MK); Dan James (Folk Show Live, BRFM); David Chamberlain (Acoustic Routes, Dapper FM and Blues and Roots Radio); Tony Haynes (FAB Folk & Blues, Vale Radio); Fiona Elcoat (Big Boots & Celtic Roots, Lionheart Radio); Mike Norris (Classic Folk Show, The Wireless, Radio Warwickshire, and EFDSD); Graham Rice (Wagonload of Monkeys, WJFF); Gary Hazlehurst (Folk Show, Nova FM); Jane Clayton (West Norfolk Radio); Trevor Oxborrow (Folk at Five, Argyll FM); Roger Williams (A World of Difference, N-G Digital); Michelle Dalgety (Yorkshire Music Collective, BCB Radio); DJ Pete Englefield (Country Roots, West Star Radio and Phoenix Country Radio); Alan Dorey (Musical Box, Forest FM); Clint Evans (Peppermint Iguana, Dapper FM); Peter Aston (Forest Folk, Forest FM); 'Joltin' Joe Pszonek (Radio Nowhere, WMSC); Philip Webster (Forest Focus, Forest FM). Sorry if we've missed anyone!

All proceeds from the sale of this be donated to Refugee Action:

'Calais Nights' is the story of a refugee travelling across Europe on his journey to Calais and beyond, featuring Egyptian drums and North African oud.

'A terrific piece of work, very cleverly put together...Great job!' Roger Williams, A World of Difference, N-G Digital

'Absolutely really takes you there'. Peter Aston, Forest Folk Show, Forest FM

'Excellent new single'. David Chamberlain, Acoustic Routes, Dapper FM/Blues and Roots Radio