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Skinner & T'witch's new single, a cover (unusually for them) of Dylan's 'Make You Feel My Love', can be heard via clicking on this link, along with Trevor Krueger's good wishes to them on their marriage...

Many thanks to Trevor Krueger for his good wishes, which you can hear, along with Skinner & T'witch's new single, 'Make You Feel My Love', via this link:

Skinner & T'witch's new single is a cover (unusually for Skinner & T'witch) of Dylan's love song, and was played for the last dance on their wedding day, on New Year's Eve. The song has been included on Trevor Krueger’s marvellous Folk Show on Big Ear Radio this week (Saturdays from 8pm UK BST), available to listen to for one week:

'Bob Dylan's ''Make You Feel My Love'' has been covered successfully by many artists, including Billy Joel, Garth Brooks and Adele. However, none of them convey the sincerity of the lyrics as beautifully as does Sandra Twitchett's version.' Tony Haynes, FAB Folk & Blues and Midweek Midnight Mayhem, Tempo FM

'Make You Feel My Love is one of my favourite songs...Skinner & T'witch's version is beautiful, it blows me away'. Daz in the Hat, Hat Tracks, Mixcloud

'Congratulations on a fine version of Dylan's classic'. Noel Casey, After Midnight, Dublin City FM