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Skinner & T’witch had tremendous fun playing at the stunning Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT). The weather was perfect and the audience loved it!​

Skinner & T'witch had an excellent time playing at the Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT) on Thursday, September 27th):

You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful evening, or a more attentive and appreciative audience. All in all, a fine and very memorable night.

The audience reaction speaks for itself:

‘Just a massive thanks for looking after us at BOAT last evening. It was my turn for date night and i nailed it when choosing Skinner And Twitch. A magical evening of fine music in the open air’.

‘I just had a lovely evening at Brighton Open Air Theatre watching the wonderful Skinner and T'witch. Great songs, enchanting music and humour throughout’.

‘How do you improve on a night like that?’

'Well I extended it by listening to their music today...’’The Ageing Special Agent’’ and ‘’Past Lives’’ are two new firm favourites.’

'A brilliant evening.'