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Skinner & T'witch's 'The Iron Fish Remembers' played on Hamish Burgess's Maui Celtic Show on Glasgow's Celtic Music Radio and globally online on Blues and Roots Radio!

Skinner & T'witch's new single, 'The Iron Fish Remembers', was played on Hamish Douglas Burgess's excellent marvellous Maui Celtic show (Tuesdays from Noon to 2pm; Thursdays 10pm to Midnight; and Fridays 4-6am BST) on Glasgow's Celtic Music Radio:

Skinner & T'witch's new single, 'The Iron Fish Remembers', was also played on Hamish Burgess's marvellous Maui Celtic ( Radio Show(Sundays from 5am US ET/10am UK BST/9pm AUS ET and Sundays from 4pm US ET/9pm UK BST/Mondays 8am AUS ET) on Blues and Roots Radio Discover:

'The Iron Fish Remembers' celebrates and commemorates the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) collection box, in the form of a fish, which is situated in Robin Hood's Bay, in the north of England, and which has been there since 1887, collecting money to save lives at sea.

'For my money, the best thing Skinner & T'witch have sent me so far'. Ian Freedman, The Readifolk Radio Show

'Brilliant'. Liz Franklin, Folk Garden/Blues and Roots Radio & Eden Folk/Eden FM