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Skinner & T'witch's new comic Bond spoof, 'The Ageing Special Agent' has been released, and received its first international airplay on Trevor Oxborrow's Folk at Five on Argyll FM!

Skinner & T'witch's new single, 'The Ageing Special Agent', a comic Bond spoof, was released was released on 9.9.17, and received its (international) premiere on Trevor Oxborrow's excellent Folk at Five show (Mon to Sat from 5pm UK BST) on Argyll FM:

'The Ageing Special Agent' is a pre-release from Skinner & T'witch's next album, 'Everybody's Grotty', due to be released in early 2019. It features a fabulously raunchy brass section, provided by Sue and Barry Pope from A Merrie Noyse Minstrels, and lead guitar from Mike 'The Woodman' Jordan