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A New Year's Eve Skinner & T'witch FAB Folk & Beyond Festive Retrospective, from 10-11pm on Tempo 107.4 FM Click here for more info...! ❤️

A New Year's Eve Skinner & T'witch FAB Festive Retrospective!

Skinner & T'witch are delighted to be guest-hosting the FAB Folk and Beyond Show again on Wetherby's Tempo 107.4 FM, in Big Uncle Tony Haynes' absence, on Friday, December 31st (New Year's Eve), from 10-11pm UK (5-6pm US ET/7-8am New Year's Day AUS ET), whilst Tone has a hugely well deserved New Year's break: or via

On the New Year's Eve show Skinner & T'witch are going to be looking back at their own festive repertoire, and chatting about the inspiration for and background to those songs, and what they mean to them.

Be there...or don't be...It’s going to be a hoot (even if we do say so ourselves! ????)!! ????

Listen out for a few surprises, as usual...

The contrasting other half of the show (9-10pm on New Year's Eve and 10-11pm UK on Christmas Eve) will be hosted by the very wonderful John and Beth Burrows.

On New Year's Eve Skinner & T'witch will be playing their own:

1. Santa, Teach the World to Fly (2015)

2. The Winter Song (2016)

3. The World Carol (2019)

4. I Don’t Want an iPad (I Just Want World Peace) (2017)

5. Silent, the Night (2018)

6. The Drinking Song (2019)

7. Dreaming of a Safer Christmas (2020)

8. We Need A New New Year (2021)

You can check out the event page here:

Listen again to Skinner & T'witch guest host the 2021 FAB Folk & Beyond Christmas Eve radio show via:

Special thanks to our bloomin' amazing Sound Engineer, Carl Rosamond, from RRS Music: